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Online Voice Lessons!

Linda and I when we finally met in person!

When I first started online lessons with my current voice teacher Linda Brice I was skeptical. My computer doesn't have a great microphone so I was concerned that she wouldn't be able to hear me accurately and see me clearly. Despite my hesitation, I decided to try it out. The results were honestly amazing.

In the summer of 2016, Linda and I started our lessons via Zoom. It was over a year before I even met her in person. I was amazed when we finally met that it felt like we already knew each other...that she already knew my voice and my heart. There were only a few subtle nuances with my technique that she was able to see and hear more clearly in person.

In the 3 years that we worked together through group classes, private lessons, and the Transformational Voice® Apprenticeship I have grown immensely as a singer and a human. I now feel able to sing with ease throughout all of my registers. I feel connected to my breathing mechanism. I feel confident, and even smart.

I share this with you because I am launching online voice lessons this summer!

I have been teaching a friend and student online for over a year now who lives in Louisville, KY.

Here is her testimonial:

Maire is an exceptional teacher. I do online lessons with her and she is always prompt, easy to communicate with, and in tune to my journey as a singer.

As well as noticing significant improvement in my vocal and breathing technique over the past 6 months, Maire is always hyper-aware of the deep emotional layers in the music we are studying and

the things in my daily life that impact my singing. She has this magic ability to always ask the right question to direct me in a new and challenging way.

Voice lessons have become my weekly internal check-in and I’m honored to work with such a teacher.

-Bethany C.

This means that for my Boston folks, even though Davey and I are moving to the Midwest, this doesn't have to be good-bye. For those of you across the country or the world, this means we can now schedule and do voice lessons together.

If you are at all curious in trying out online lessons, I'm offering you one free 15-minute-trial lesson via Zoom.

If you are interested in a free 15-minute trial or full-length lesson, send me an email and we'll set something up in a few weeks.

See you soon!


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