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Winter, my fairy haven

For me and my Minnesota grown bones Boston summers are a time of inescapable heat and humidity. Before I know it starts getting icy outside...crisp. The air feels more clear. I can breathe again. And with that breath, I feel I love to get decked out in snow boots, fluffy coat, hat, and my favorite mittens (I call them my dream mittens because they feel like clouds hugging my hands.) Every day feels like a surprise for me in Winter. The excitement when the snow begins...and then the peace when everything stops. Schools are canceled, pajamas are on, hot beverages are of all...I can cuddle in blankets while I read a sappy christmas novel that will have a happy ending guaranteed. I love how even though it gets dark so early, towns become sparkly with twinkle lights on lamp posts and trees. It becomes a fairy haven. People are more scattered, so the streets are more clear. I love how icicles drip off the trees. I love the frost and the ice that appears out of nowhere. I love the biting cold outside, contrasted with the flush of warmth that warms the cheeks upon coming home.

Although I have lived away from Minnesota for almost 9 years, I am still a Minnesota girl.

If Winters are tough for you the way Summers are tough for me, there is good news! Before we know it, it will be Spring. But until then, Happy Holidays! I wish you all warmth, love, and light.

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