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       Do you enjoy to sing? 

Wish you could do more with your voice?

Maire Clement, MM, soprano, voice teacher and yoga instructor, offers a new approach to classic voice lessons. Maire utilizes her training as a yoga instructor to cultivate a supportive environment for creative expression and experimentation. Maire cleverly implements gentle yoga postures to support breathing and mindfulness for singing. As an apprentice of Transformational Voice®, Maire combines her extensive knowledge of vocal technique with yoga to teach students a clear method for finding vocal freedom. With technique as the foundation, students will learn about diaphragmatic-costal breathing, bright forward placement, diction (formation of the vowels/consonants), and artistry. Voice lessons with Maire are an hour devoted to you, the student. Allow yourself an hour a week to devote to healing through singing and setting your voice free.

Due to COVID-19, and the importance of health and safety, 

Maire is currently teaching exclusively online lessons through Zoom.  


Pricing: Private lessons are $65 per hour $33 per half-hour

If you can't afford private lessons, or thrive better with the support of a team, voice classes are another way to get vocal training. If you'd like to be informed as voice classes and other opportunities are offered, join Maire's Mailing List.


To sign up for voice training, message Maire: here.  


"Maire is an exceptional teacher.  I do online lessons with her and she is always prompt, easy to communicate with, and in tune to my journey as a singer.  


As well as noticing significant improvement in my vocal and breathing technique over the past 6 months, Maire is always hyper-aware of the deep emotional layers in the music we are studying and


the things in my daily life that impact my singing. She has this magic ability to always ask the right question to direct me in a new and challenging way.

Voice lessons have become my weekly internal check-in and I’m honored to work with such a teacher."

 -Bethany C, North Carolina

"I started taking voice with Maire in Spring 2019, in Boston. I was playing drums with several groups, and was starting to mess around first with singing harmonies, and then lead. I wanted to sing more. I wanted to sound better. I had no idea what I was doing.

Now that Maire lives 1,000+ miles away, we meet on Zoom, from my apartment. It works great! She creates a fun, safe space to do the odd-sounding vocal drills, to sing loud, and make loud mistakes. She gives great feedback and she’s a great coach. I appreciate the compliments people give me. Although they don’t realize it, they’re complimenting Maire, too."

- Andrew K, Boston

"Voice lessons with Maire have been more than I ever could have imagined. I’ve learned so much about the mechanics of the voice, about how to speak and sing in sync with my breath, and have been able to break through inner obstacles that were tied into my relationship with my voice. It’s been deeply empowering and lots of fun. Maire’s deep knowledge of vocal technique and her knowledge of yoga combine into a very powerful combination. She’s truly amazing!" 

-Miriam K, Boston

“Maire is an amazing vocal instructor! She's very knowledgeable about the singing process and knows how to teach it in a way that anyone can understand and be able to find their voice.

I enjoyed my weekly lessons with Maire, these times were my sort of getaway from the hassles and stress of life and just sing. Lessons with her were confidence boosters for me as she was so encouraging, helped me to be more confident in my voice and it even spread to confidence in myself.

She has an amazing personality and it shows in her lessons how passionate she is about others and music. I'm grateful for my time as her student and glad to have her as a friend. I can't thank her enough!”

-Shannon M, Louisville

“I have been taking lessons with Maire Clement for a few months now.
I find Ms. Clement extremely professional and very knowledgeable about the voice and its mechanics. She has an innate gift to bring out the best from her pupils by her unique use of vocal exercises to using proper phrasing and pronunciation of selected pieces. In these few months I have seen my voice blossom and strengthen giving me the confidence to continue to see the full potential of my singing!  
Maire is an excellent teacher and mentor, I whole heartedly refer her to anyone wishing to embrace their vocal abilities!”

-Miriam G, Boston

Maire has helped me come so far as a musician and especially a singer. Before working with her, I had next to no experience singing whatsoever. She provided me with the utmost patience and support throughout our time together and was always encouraging. She helped build my confidence, vocal technique and overall musicianship. Her sweet, bubbly personality shines through in her lessons and leads to a successful and positive learning environment. I know with absolute certainty that I would not be where I am in my career path today if it were not for Maire; I wholeheartedly recommend anyone looking for quality voice lessons to her!

-Bethany W, Louisville

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