Today I found myself with an afternoon for creative space. What a gift. I began by sitting still, then by pulling cards. I found myself a few minutes later drumming. After I felt my drumming had calmed my mind, I found my way to the piano. Before I knew it I was singing. I was singing Schumann's Widmung, a piece I have heard many times and never sung. The week before my wedding, this love song is particularly poignant. Then, I sang through some other Schumann songs that I learned in college, and before I knew it, I was on to Schubert. Today, singing feels easy. I didn't sing classical music today to achieve a goal. I sang because I love the music, because I love my voice, because I love to sing. This is huge for me!

Before I knew it, I was recording myself singing through Wiegenlied, Schumann's lullaby. This was the first time through of the day on this song. I didn't harp on myself to perfect every word, every line...I simply trusted. I trusted that I am enough. I trusted that my breath is my partner. I trusted that I am a vessel for this music. It's not about me. It is within me. I allow it to flow through.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Wiegenlied by Schubert:

Translation from the LiederNet Archive.

Do sleep, do sleep, lovely, sweet boy, To the gentle rocking of your mother's hand;

Peaceful sleep, and recreation

Does come floating with each gentle pull.

Do sleep, do sleep in your sweet berth,

Still protected by your mother's arm,

All her wishes, all your talents

Encompassing, in her steady love.

Do sleep, do sleep, in that downy embrace,

Still you only hear a gentle crooning,

Dewy flowers: lilies and roses, after slumber they will be your prize.

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