Why I teach

I teach voice lessons to people of all ages. Every lesson is specifically catered to what that person needs to work on. This could be any number of things...for some students, they take lessons because they are singing professionally and want to be better for their upcoming performances…

However, the more I teach, the more I learn that being a voice teacher is about so much more than just teaching people how to sing. I have students who work professionally in incredibly challenging jobs, as teachers, doctors, nurses. Voice lessons give them an opportunity for self-care, and to create space in their lives for their own healing. During our voice lessons, these students find their voice. They are able to loosen up their bodies and minds. They are able to express themselves, and are able to unleash the artistic child that is inside of them begging to break free.

I once taught a student who had suffered from a brain tumor as a child, and a stroke as an adult. He struggled with intonation, or singing and hearing all of the notes on the exact pitches. Taking voice lessons was a supplemental technique in helping him speak articulately again. In our lessons, he learned how to listen, focus and really feel the pitches that he was singing. Eventually, he could sing an entire song on the right pitches.

As an asthmatic, voice lessons have helped me learn how to breathe fearlessly. My childhood pulmonologist always raved that I blew the pulmonary function tests off the charts! During voice lessons, I have learned many breathing exercises which strengthened my intercostals and lungs, and I continue to practice these breathing methods every day, as well as share them with my voice students.

Singing is a deep, and natural part of being human. In the states, there is this idea that one is either “good” or “bad” at singing. As a teacher, I have found that this is simply not the case. People are either confident or terrified, or somewhere in between. In voice lessons with me, you will sing. In voice lessons with me, we will work for the ultimate goal of vocal freedom, which will help you in all aspects of your life.

I teach because I have been a student my whole life from many different teachers, "good" and "bad." This is my way of giving back to the community and spreading song and healing vibrations, unleashing creativity, and increasing the potential for art.

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